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Burning Desire

Manuel Ferrara (also known as the fourth most popular search term on Bellesa in 2017) is a sensual mastermind in a change of pace from his usual rough endeavors. Manuel and Anya are totally entranced by each other’s bodies, both looking like they are going to explode with every passing second. In terms of explosions, Manuel’s orgasm at the end is up there with the best of them.

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Someone want to play with me?Go there >>> https:/crl.li/cdR @ https:/crl.li/cdQ

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Dear god- this is amazing. Yes please!

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Greetings girls, Today’s category = Anal, part 2 And, were rearing the end …sorry ….nearing the end of Michelle’s category list. One left. But about this one, the girl’s thoughts are - - I hope I enjoy doing it this way - that way he has another place to put it in, and would give my other two a rest. And her words are - - “So, I am as you said I should be - kneeling, bent over at the waist, my face on a pillow. It’s his move now, yes?” Yes it is, and he’s right there behind you. (Well duh, where else would he be for anal intercourse??) And he and his KY coated cock are really ready. Which is perfectly normal for him, considering what he sees. Which would be you with your nicely rounded cheeks, raised, ready. So he does move in between those cheeks. Perfectly positioned for perfect penetration. Which happens next. Enjoy.

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Amazing! Love both individually when they cum together (see what I did there?) it's amazing! Manuel is such a daddyyyyyy! Yum!

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