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Let Me Take Control

This is hands down one of the hottest rough scenes out there. Chad White and Lily LaBeau are beautiful to watch, as they show us what a 10/10 rough sex session looks like. In a world that requires us to remain composed a lot of the time, it can feel REALLY good to completely turn that control over to someone who you trust and turns you on. It’s so hot watching Lily give up her control to Chad, who shows his appreciation by dominating and leading Lily to toe-curling pleasure. If you weren’t into rough scenes before today, get ready to be converted!

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Wow Chad White is so hot! Loved the scene where he was taking off his shirt and thrusting into her! Lily's orgasms at the end and the sounds of thrusting were completely enthralling! Loved their chemistry together!

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Love this video so much!

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