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Tremble At Your Touch

You know a scene is going to be good when clothes are passionately ripped off within seconds… well most of their clothes. Michael Vegas can’t wait to get his hands on Alison Rey and starts eating her out before she’s even fully naked. And Michael is very DTP (down to please), literally making Allison’s whole body shake with pleasure as he fingers her at 6:03. A vid filled with a ton of inspo for a weekend romp. Enjoy your Sunday bbs!

Huge shout out to SweetSinner for always delivering such incredible content. Check them out here!

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Wow very intense video! Loved Alison's dialogues!

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This is the best video i've ever seen, i'd come a hundred times for that guy

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omg, one of the best ive ever seen. love the eye contact and generally his efforts!

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This is the best sex video I've ever seen! Like his hunger for her just had me. "You're so beautiful" "Thank you"

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This guys gets me, always.

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is there no like button on these videos??

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