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Wild & Free

New Sensations crushes it when it comes to rough scenes, and today’s video selection stays true to their reputation. Lucas Frost and Jaye Summers are wild and free and absolutely brilliant. It may be rough, but it’s not lacking in sensuality. Amidst the hair pulling and spanking, there are moments of long, passionate kissing and eye gazing. And the naughty flirtations between these two are to die for- like when Jaye Summer looks at Lucas Frost with a devilish smile on her face ordering him to cum for her… that enticing order is too hot for Lucas to handle as he cums within seconds.

This 10/10 HD rough porn video is brought to the Bellesa video library courtesy of NewSensations. Check them out here to see more of their awesome content.

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I really liked how rough, yet sensual this video was! Loved the chemistry between these two, and the slapping noises when she was on top and in doggystyle! Very hot!

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